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Music to Their Ears

Posted on Nov 7, 2018

The extraordinary talents of a world-class symphony orchestra are closer than you may think…and can easily be enjoyed without the struggle of a long commute to downtown Chicago, the exorbitant expense of parking, and the high price of tickets. Elgin Symphony Orchestra is what Marilyn Nelson
Greener On Our Side

It's Snow Wonder

Posted on Dec 6, 2018

Along with thousands of students across Chicagoland, Geneva school children woke to their first snow day on November 26. For them, the news of a school closure was probably the best they’ve had all season. For parents, maybe not so much, particularly those who work. Going about one’s business
Industry News

New blood pressure guidelines

Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Is your blood pressure at or above 120/80? If so, it’s too high, according to new guidelines issued by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). Having high blood pressure can put you at serious risk for heart disease, kidney failure and stroke. Under the

CPI-certified memory support

Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Spend time in nature. Return happy.

Posted on Dec 12, 2017