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GreenFields Residents Welcome Fowl Play

Posted on Feb 27, 2020

She hatched up an idea that was not for the chicken-hearted. Julie Jug, life enrichment manager at GreenFields senior living community in Geneva, coordinated a visit from the fine feathered friends of Charles Moritz. The St. Charles resident raises chickens and, as a kind-hearted hobby, takes his

Their Happily Ever After

Posted on Feb 15, 2020

The Good Life

Posted on Jan 28, 2020

GreenFields' Holiday Gala

Posted on Jan 2, 2020

Greener On Our Side

Like Peas and Carrots: The Undeniable Connection Between Food and Love

Posted on Feb 13, 2020

The origins of the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” are, just like the phrase itself, rather unclear. Some attribute it to John Adams, some to various other figures throughout history. One thing’s for sure, however, and that is the old axiom ties food directly to love
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Tai Chi

The Benefits of Tai Chi

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Slow. Steady. Mindful. Those probably aren’t the three words that come to mind when you think about working out. But those are precisely the characteristics that make Tai Chi such a beneficial workout for seniors. A combination of graceful, purposeful, choreographed movements and meditation,
Couple On Beach

Travel Without Worry

Posted on Jan 9, 2019

Blood Pressure

New blood pressure guidelines

Posted on Dec 14, 2017