Spend time in nature. Return happy.
Spend a little time in nature. Return happier


Looking for a prescription that can increase your energy, improve thinking, and create a heightened sense of well-being? No, it doesn’t come in a pill. It’s called nature. And at GreenFields senior living community, it’s literally just outside our front door.

Numerous psychological studies have linked exposure to nature—even for a small time—to significant psychological benefits.

At GreenFields, you can experience the power of nature in so many ways.

On our 26-acre landscaped campus, you’ll enjoy walking paths, a fishing pond visited by wildlife, and a 3.5-acre native prairie. Nearby, you’ll find 17 miles of trails and hundreds of acres of green space. And two lush, green golf courses are on our borders.

Near downtown Geneva, just a few minutes away, there are beautiful hiking and biking trails that follow the Fox River.

Nature is the prescription. And you can fill it again and again at GreenFields of Geneva. 

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