5 Reasons to move to GreenFields of Geneva

Things are looking up in 2021, and there has never been a better time to move to GreenFields of Geneva. 
Here are just 5 reasons to make the move today!

5. Your health is our number one priority

We’re happy to say that over 95% of GreenFields residents are fully vaccinated and things are returning to normal in our community. We will continue to employ a set of safety guidelines to ensure everyone is safe and secure.

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4. Our most popular apartment homes are available now!

We have a number of highly sought-after apartment homes available so you can ensure that you will have your choice of a beautiful residence for years to come. There is often a waitlist, so don’t delay!

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3. The housing market is hot!

There has been no better time to sell your home than right now. Thanks to exceptionally low interest rates, you’re likely to get top dollar for your home.

That means it’s easier than ever to finance your future at GreenFields.

2. Stay connected and active

Things around the community are opening back up. Our dining venues are back open and bustling. In-person activities and events are filling our calendar once again. And residents are out and about. The community is thriving and we want you to be a part of it.

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1. Enjoy exclusive savings!

Now is the best time to check out GreenFields. The sooner you reserve your apartment, the more savings you’ll enjoy! You can receive up to thousands off your entrance fees and other exciting incentives. Don’t miss out on these great savings and get set for the unparalleled lifestyle at GreenFields today!

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10 Pleasant Surprises

These are just 5 of the reasons to enjoy GreenFields today. If you want even more reasons, download our 10 Pleasant Surprises brochure below.