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“We are so pleased and proud to partner with first responders to bring this life-saving equipment into the community,” said Karen Kay, director of Friendship Senior Options Foundation. Late last year, the Foundation helped to fund the $15,000 purchase of a Lucas CPR Device for the Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District. GreenFields of Geneva senior living community which is operated by Friendship Senior Options, receives emergency services from Station 2 of the Fire Protection District.

“This equipment is a game changer for emergency medical services, and with us now being among the first departments in the area to own one, we’re excited to be ahead of the game,” said Assistant Fire Chief Matt Hanson. Last year, he said, his department started to evaluate mechanical CPR devices. “They’re designed to take over and replace manual CPR. The machines are nearly 100% accurate and easy to use. They free up a rescuer.”

Hanson explained, “Under current medical control protocols, first responders are to manually perform CPR on a patient at the scene for 30 minutes while administering other advance life support treatments. The purpose of this requirement is to help assure adequate cardiovascular circulation during care. However when you put the Lucas mechanical device into service, we can transport the patient earlier with better initial care, for a greater chance of a neurologically intact save. The compressions from the machine are as effective as you can get. This all can translate into a save.”

Although extremely effective, the mechanical CPR device was cost-prohibitive for the department. “We felt like this was very important for us to have, so I started to look at available grants,” said Hanson. “GreenFields is in our District and so I investigated Friendship Senior Options Foundation. They awarded us $7,000, which helped me to launch a fundraising campaign for the balance.”

The Elburn Lions Club made a donation, as did a businessman who learned about the project during an Elburn Chamber of Commerce event held at the fire station. The Elburn Foreign Fire Insurance Board made up the difference.

Since evaluating, purchasing, and using our first machine “we have become even more committed to find funding for additional units on our remaining two front-line ambulances” Hanson said.

He recalled that he was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of Friendship Senior Options’ donation. “I never expected that they’d pay for almost half of the price of the device,” he said.

Kay explained that the Friendship Senior Options Foundation is committed to assisting efforts which support older adults. “Helping to purchase this cutting- edge equipment on behalf of not only residents of GreenFields, but people throughout the greater community, is a great fit for our philanthropic giving,” she said.

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Posted on Jan 22, 2019