Walking to Warmer Weather

They scored more than 60,000 miles!

The residents at GreenFields of Geneva had it with winter and decided to hit the road for Orlando…figuratively at least.  Fifty residents participated in the senior living community’s Walk to Warmer Weather fitness challenge. From February 1-28th, they documented their time involved in fitness activities, with every five minutes translating into ten ‘miles’ on their trip.  The goal was to complete 600 minutes or, in this case, the 1,200 ‘miles’ between Geneva, Illinois and Orlando, Florida. “That breaks down into about 20 minutes a day, which is impressive but not unprecedented by our residents. Many of them are typically very active, working out regularly in our fitness classes, walking, and during nice weather, riding bikes, and golfing. It’s been different over the past year, but they’ve still been working out either in small group classes or virtually through our programs streamed to them on our in-house TV,” said Karen Tomko, life enrichment manager. “This was another way to encourage them to keep active and engaged. What was really fun was to see that some residents teamed up with each other for motivation.”

A map was posted in the retirement community’s fitness center. Each participating resident received a labeled flag pin on which they charted their progress on the map. Everyone who made it to Orlando received a  commemorative T-shirt. “The final numbers exceeded my expectations. Some of the residents even achieved their goal so quickly that they turned around and ‘walked back,” said Tomko.


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