Certainty During Unpredictable Times

Record-breaking gas prices, unrelenting inflation, potential emerging COVID variants, and world conflict…Well into 2022, the world continues to be unpredictable and scary.

However, at GreenFields of Geneva senior living community, we are predictable and stable in all areas that matter to your future.

Your daily living expenses at GreenFields are covered under one monthly rate. This means that your meals, utilities, maintenance, and services will remain consistent for the entire year. So go ahead and crank up your heat or air-conditioning if you want, enjoy your favorite meals, and participate in engaging activities, live performances, and programs with your friends, who are also your neighbors. Enjoy the health benefits of working out in our fitness center. All of this, at one consistent rate. You won’t ever be surprised by a larger bill.

If you think it’s ‘safe’ to wait to list your home for sale, you may want to think again. The real estate market is still hot right now. Predictions are, however, that mortgage rates will increase, and the market will return to more normal levels. So, now’s the time to still get the top price on your home. It’s not the time to wait.

Furthermore, living at GreenFields helps preserve your assets. Our Life Plan contracts include as much as a 90% refundable entrance fee and predictable discounted healthcare costs should your needs change. Your future is secure.

You can also feel secure in your decision to move in, which is risk-free, because of our Friendship Satisfaction Guarantee Program. If after six months, you aren’t happy in your new home, we’ll refund your complete deposit. Read more on page 3 about this unique offer.

Don’t spend your time worrying about the unpredictable. A move to GreenFields will make your expenses predictable, and you can spend your time enjoying life among friends.

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