Veterans Exhibit

This year for Veterans Day, GreenFields of Geneva will celebrate its veterans through a new permanent exhibit. Professional photographer David Barnes will take pictures of each veteran living in the community, including his dad Harry, who is a veteran. The Life Enrichment department of GreenFields will compile a brief bio of each veteran to accompany the photo.

Barnes, whose parents live at GreenFields, was inspired by a news story about a project named Portraits of Honor that features photographs of hundreds of World War II veterans.

“Posting veterans’ photos along the hallway will remind residents of the selfless work these vets have done for our country. If nothing else, it will give them a little more insight into their neighbors’ histories and perhaps make dinner conversations a little more rich,” says Barnes. “We don’t want to lose those histories just because time has passed and memories are fading.”

As written in Chicago Tribune PrimeTime

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