Financial Benefits
Financial stability and the guarantee of a secure future

GreenFields offers so much more than the typical senior living community. In addition to enjoying a maintenance-free home and access to our amenities and conveniences, you have the comfort of knowing that your future is provided for, even if your needs change. It’s a smart way for you and your family to plan. GreenFields offers Life Care contracts that can vary entrance fees, monthly service fees and discounts on the future cost of care. All of these plans are designed to help preserve your assets and provide you and your family with a peace of mind knowing that you are set for life. 
Entrance Fee

A Lifetime of Security

By paying a one-time entrance fee, not only do you have a plan in place for your future but also, you are guaranteed a home for life. If the day comes when you exhaust your financial resources — and you have met required eligibility guidelines — you can remain in our community thanks to the Get Set guarantee. Learn how it all works here.

Life Care Contracts Mean Savings

Discounts on Future Cost of Care

GreenFields Life Care contracts provide significant savings on the future cost of assisted living and skilled care, including memory support services. 

Protect Your Estate

Protect Your Estate

If your goal is to leave a legacy to your children, our contract refunds up to 90% of your one-time entrance fee to you or your estate when you leave the community. The traditional Life Care contract will offer predictable costs for healthcare. Residents will also have the ability to protect and extend their assets.


Tax Savings

Moving to a Life Plan Community such as GreenFields can provide you with valuable savings on your taxes. Because each of our entrance-fee programs includes a way to offset the future cost of healthcare services, you may be eligible for medical tax deductions as allowed by the IRS. In addition, you may even qualify for a real estate tax deduction. We recommend you consult with a tax advisor to determine which deductions apply to your situation. 

Life Care


You needn't worry about expenses you’re paying now— such as your mortgage, real estate taxes, insurance, home repairs and upkeep, groceries, utility bills, transportation, security, and maybe even entertainment. You’ll be writing one check a month for most of your living expenses.

Not-For-Profit Difference

As responsible stewards, we have built a reputation for financial stability and openness to oversight. Our voluntary Board of Directors ensures the ethical management and financial integrity of the community. 

As a not-for-profit community, our mission is to provide services and care for those we serve, which means we are consistently looking to improve our community, services and amenities to enhance the resident experience. 

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