How It All Works
Learn how a Life Plan Community can benefit you or your loved one

GreenFields has an exceptional way to plan for your future

GreenFields is a Life Plan Community (formerly known as a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC). What that means is you can find many areas or neighborhoods of residency right on-site. But most importantly, it means you’ll have the comfort of knowing that as your needs change, you will always be cared for and have a home at GreenFields.

Most people take advantage of our value-packed Life Care contracts which guarantee them a home for life and provides priority access to, and guaranteed savings on quality health care services. 

The cost of a Life Care contract is divided into two parts: the one-time refundable entrance fee and the monthly service fee.

Entrance Fees - Buying into a lifetime of security.
  • Our Life Care contract can refund up to 90% to you or your family whenever you leave the community. The amount of your entrance fee will vary, based on the residence you select. 
  • Your one-time entrance fee is what guarantees your place in one of Chicago’s best senior living communities. If the day comes that you exhaust your financial resources and you have met required eligibility guidelines, you can remain at the community thanks to the Get Set guarantee.
Monthly Service Fees - Covers most of your living expenses.
  • The amount of the monthly service fee is based on the contract option and neighborhood you select as well as the size of your residence. 
  • The monthly service fee includes a flexible meal program, most utilities, transportation services, housekeeping, maintenance, on-site conveniences, wellness center, and full calendar of programs. 

What Can I Afford at GreenFields? 

With a variety of independent-living apartment styles and sizes, our community offers exceptional quality that is accessible to a large majority of adults within the area. 

Our Residency Counselors can help you identify the residence and contract that accommodates both your preferences and financial ability and goals. 

To ensure the financial viability of GreenFields into the future, our community requires you to show that you have enough income and financial assets to live at GreenFields for your projected lifespan. Each applicant is evaluated through an actuarial model exclusively used by GreenFields.